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Dance and Aerial Acrobatics

Bram and Irina danced their first pas de deux together in 2010 and it was immedtiately clear there was a chemestry between them; since than they sporadically performed a pas de deux together on stage and started training aerial acrobatics together.

In December 2015 they decided it was too much fun being on stage together and it was time to make this their main activity. They founded Vilja Duo and started performing as acrobats and dancers in various (gala-)concerts, corporate events, (private) party's, opera/musical/operette, festivals, circus, dinner shows, etc.

Since the start of Vilja duo, they have collaborated with a.o.:

  • C2 events (Montreal)
  • Opera Royal de Wallonie
  • Tomorrowland
  • Delhi International Arts Festival (Delhi/India)
  • Het Witte Paard (Blankenberge)
  • Circus Boxtalino
  • Stadtheater Achen (Germany)
  • Sacred Places
  • TST Dance Productions (the Netherlands
  • Holland's got Talent (the Netherlands)
  • Dancersagency
  • Air Elegance
  • Strange People
  • Soul15
  • Lehar Festival(Austria)