Dance and Aerial Acrobatics

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Vilja Duo

Vilja duo consists of Bram De Beul and Irina Yakousheva. Together they perform pas de deux(classical ballet, modern/contemporary dance, jazz and showdance, tango, comedy,...) and aerial acrobatics(in aerial silks, straps and hoop). We have a fixed repertoire of acts and we make new acts on request. If you have a concept, music, product,… you want us to work with; we can make a customized act for you.

Do you want to book an aerial act, but you don't have a rigging point? No problem, we can bring our own freestanding 6m high aerial rig. As long as your venue is high enough (+6m) we can always perform. Our rig is set up in 15 minutes and is in a stylish black, which blends in perfectly with our performances.

We have al the necessary equipment to perform our acts outside (if it's warm enough, approx; 16°C). Our material is waterproof. Rain before or after the show is no problem. Only rain during the show is not possible, because our material then gets slippery and performing becomes to dangerous.

We can turn each garden, park, town square, gym hall,... into a stylish and magical performance space.

If you want to book an act for e.g. a wedding, garden party,... and you want to make it extra special: we can always bring our light installation, smoke machine,... For prices, don't hesitate to contact us. 

We can perform all of our acts with recorded music or live music. We often work with guitar player and 'live looper' Kris Doms. Apart from accompanying our act he can also play several ours of (background) music at your event with his 'one man band'. For prices, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Are you looking for an act for your dinner show, dance show, concert, party,…? Contact us

Vilja Productions

We don't only make acts, but we also produce our own full shows. Take a look at the tab Vilja Productions for more information about the shows we currently have in our repertoire.

We also make productions on demand:

Are you looking for something on a larger scale than a duo? We also work together with other dancers, orchestras and singers. We can easily make a large scale customized production for you.

ShowReel 2019 & ShowReel 2018

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(Don't) let go

Our first independent production(2019).

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