(Don't) Let go

About the piece

Vilja duo and Kris Doms take you away in a story about love, relations, intimacy, letting go, fantasy and hope - through live music, dance and aerial acrobatics.

The perfomance takes 1 hour and combines dance and aerial acrobatis (silks, straps, hoop) with live music.

We can perform inside or outside and we can bring all needed equipment ourselves (rig, floor, lights, ...). We only need electricity and space.

Contact us for prices, conditions and technical rider.

Intimacy isn't difficult. We all long for a tender proximity, loving contact, also and nowadays maybe even mainly outside a sexual context. Judging by the alarming increase in the number of people who feel lonely, we find that less and less.

Loving someone idealy als means knowing when to let go. Being able to let go in time, how strangely it may sound, is a part of loving someone.

(Don't) Let go