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Just as though you were here

About the show

With "Just as though you were here", we're going back in time; back to basics: pure music without fancy and flashy effects. We go back to the core: emotions. We bring a mixture of famous and less famous jazz, musical and latin classics. Vilja Duo ads a mixture of dance and acrobatics to make the emotions of the music more palpable.

We aim to bring confort by the beauty of our show. No far fetched and comlicated storylines, no cenceptual art, but pure emotion. Music that's accessible to everyone, without being superficial. We want to reach out to everybody who is feeling a void in their lives, whether it is because of a loved one who passed away, a loved one who is out of reach or just because it is hard to find a real connection with another human being in these digital times.

Duration of the show: 2x40 minutes + pauze.


Huub Claessens, Nathalie Denyft, Jan Debel, Kris Doms, Vilja Duo

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