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About the show

With “Auch die kleine dingen” we want to prove that classical music is not only for the cultural elite. We want to show that even more complicated classical music can be appreciated and understood by everybody if it is brought in a correct way. We perform a repertoire of music by composers such as Strauss, Wolf and Mompou. Huub Claessens lets the audience in on some interesting facts about these compositions, the stories they are telling and the lives of the composers with his captivating and witty storytelling. Vilja Duo tries amplifies the emotions of the music with their dance and  aerial acrobatics. In short: a classical concert that is accessible to everybody, not by choosing the all time crowd favourites that everybody already knows, but by a sincere and sensitive interpretation of lesser known classical jewels. 

Artists: Huub Claessens, Nathalie Denyft, Jan Debel, Vilja Duo


Duration of the show: 2x40 minutes + pauze.

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Auch kleine Dinge